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SHIMPO Whisper-T

motor 300 W, 230 V, brushless

speed 0 - 250 rpm

capacity ca. 15 Kg *

wheelhead 300 mm

noise level 30 dB

weight 43 kg

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Shimpo Whisper-T Shimpo Whisper-T
Shimpo Whisper-T


SHIMPO Whisper-T potter´s wheel was first launched in the European market at the exhibition Ceramitec in Mnichov in 2006 and during its short existence it has become the best sold wheel on the Czech market. It is obliged for that to excellent relation of price and performance and to the good reputation of Shimpo.

Whisper-T potter’s wheel belongs to the “lower profi” group and is designed for hobby and semi-professional production. Whisper-T is literary stuffed with the latest knowledge from potter’s wheels construction which was previously used for more expensive models exclusively. Its construction comes from the most advanced model in the Shimpo, RK-3E family. Vibration-free operation and low noise level surprise everyone who has no experience with Shimpo wheels. With its noise level of 30 dB help 30 dB
The noise level similar to quite quiet computer, you will not distrub anyone while working.
these wheels are the quietest on the world market. Achieved by the modern technology of direct connection "Direct drive" help "Direct drive"
Motor is situated directly under the upper wheelhead and its axis is directly connected to it.
without transmission (belt, gear box, etc.). The motor is placed right below the upper wheelhead and is connected to it.

Thanks to low noise level you can find this model in school and hobby workshops but also in flat ateliers. Speed is regulated by means of an electronic control device. With low speed spin power of the wheel does not decrease (Shimpo patent). Electronic control of speed is recommended for beginners and occasional potters. Especially suitable for children activities. Compared to kick wheels it is not necessary to coordinate gas and break pedal for speed regulation. We only set required speed and you fully focus on centering.

"Free Spin" with zero speed is worth mentioning too. The wheel can be used as a decorative wheelhead while decorating pottery. The wheel is height adjustable according to the individual needs of a potter to working heights: 275, 525, and 555 mm. Whisper T can be used as table top model. A large side table for clay, tools and mud-pan is also practical.

An adjective which comes to customers´ minds first is: "WHISPER WHEEL".

SHIMPO Whisper-T advantages:
• low weight (ca. 42 kg) – easy portability • low energy consumption (230V/300W) • fluent, stepless speed regulation 0 - 250 rpm • possible to use as a table top model • no vibration or annoying noise • large side table for tools • stable construction (3 legs – no wobbling) • overload breaker • small size • reputable Shimpo quality • modern attractive design • extremely low noise level (ca. 30 dB) • two-piece splash pan for easy cleaning • special quick release locks for the splash pan (no securing clips) • easily changeable direction of rotation (clockwise /counter clockwise) • adjustable wheel height (5 variants) • brushless motor • maintenance-free thanks direct drive and brushless motor • high turning moment with each speed • excellent relation: price/performance • high construction efficiency (power match to ca. 750W common motors) • long service life • reliability • wheel without seat – suitable for wheelchair users, easy operation • CE mark •

Detailed product picture:

detailní fotografie kruhu Shimpo Whisper-T

* approximate capacity, dependant on many circumstances (style of rotating, shape of a product, consistency and type of material, etc.)

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