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In early 1993, an association of individual entrepreneurs founded Artik studio offering material for pottery and ceramic work. It was not long before the range of products expanded to include kilns and machines for pottery production. Later on in 1995, a specialized pottery equipment and production shop opened. In 1996, ARTIK STUDIO s. r. o. was founded.  The Ústí nad Labem based company has been in business ever since, now representing leading manufacturers of kilns and other equipment for pottery production. With regards to potter’s wheels and material processing, our company has bet on the proven quality of the Nidec-Shimpo company products worldwide.

NIDEC SHIMPO CORPORATION was founded in 1952 in Kyoto, Japan. In 1958, it launched the revolutionary potter’s wheel RK-1, the first potter’s wheel with continuous speed regulation. In 1973 ,the company started producing kilns for ceramics, focusing on the US market. The production of the first pug mills for ceramic materials processing started in 1978. Shimpo has gradually gained one market after another and has become the number one producer and developer of arts and crafts equipment worldwide. Its RK-10 model and its various versions has become legendary. The gear box speed regulation originally developed for industrial use, has due to its reliability won the hearts of potters everywhare. Though out of production for years, many are still in operation today. The modern Shimpo wheels use an electronic control unit for continuous regulation, most often supplemented with sophisticated direct drive.

Currently the core business consists of the production of equipment for arts and crafts and the production and sales of motors and speed regulators. The company has been awarded numerous Japanese and international awards for valuable industrial innovations. Nidec Shimpo employs approximately 1300 people, with its headquarters and main production facilities still based in Kyoto, Japan. Its sales companies located in the USA and China, Shimpo is a reliable manufacturer of potter’s wheels with the largest ever-rising market share in the world.

In the course of market development in the Czech Republic the demand for increased quality has been rising. Since 2000, Shimpo wheels have been part of the standard product portfolio of ARTIK STUDIO. With first wheel sales moderate soon, the exclusive Shimpo quality won popularity resulting in a contract with Nidec Shimpo in 2006. ARTIK STUDIO s.r.o. became an exclusive representative for Shimpo in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Thank you for your interest in SHIMPO products, if you have any questions now or at any time in the future we will be glad to answer them.

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