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motor 100 W, 230 V, with brush

speed 0 - 230 rpm

capacity ca. 10 Kg *

wheelhead 178 mm

noise level 55 dB

weght 12 kg

detailed technical features odkaz

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Shimpo RK-5T Shimpo RK-5T
Shimpo RK-5T


Potter´s wheel SHIMPO RK-5T is a totally new member of the Shimpo family which was launched in 2009. This model is designed for working on the table and closes the wide range of wheels for various purposes. It is designed especially for home hobby usage.

Despite of small size and low power rating 100 W the centering capacity of 10 kg is respectable and due to that it finds its use in many ateliers and school classrooms. The wheel is supplied with  common home plug, it has minimal consumption and its construction is extraordinary energetic effective. The wheelhead is driven by the gear belt and speed is regulated with the hand lever adjustable from 0 to 1230 rpm. The direction can be clockwise or counter clockwise. The wheelhead has 178 mm and is made from light aluminium alloy. There are two screws assembled to the wheelhead for attaching plastic bat for work. This pad is removed after work together with the product, so the product could dry. It is possible to continue with throwing on another bat. Scope of delivery are two plastic bats. One-piece plastic splash pan can be easily removed for cleaning without using tools. The potter’s wheel cover is made from plastic material, therefore its total weight is 12kg.

Lightweight construction and compact design make RK-5T easily portable.
It has good stability, very good mobility, is user-friendly, requires minimal maintenance and has long durability.

SHIMPO RK-5T advantages:
• table top model • low weight (ca. 12 kg) – easy transport • unique system of electronic speed regulation – it does not reduce tension with bigger load and low speed • low energy consumption (100 W) • supply with common home plug (230V) • overload breaker • small size • reputable Shimpo quality • low noise level (55 dB) • one-piece splash pan • easily changeable direction of rotation (clockwise /counter clockwise) • easy maintenance • high turning moment with each speed • excellent ratio: price/performance • high construction operation (capacity up to 10 kg) • designed for hobby use • reliability • wheel without seat – suitable for wheelchair users, easy operation • CE mark •

Detailed product picture:

detailní fotografie kruhu Shimpo RK-5T

* approximate capacity, dependant on many circumstances (style of rotating, shape of a product, consistency and type of material, etc.)

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