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seat 35 cm

height 49 - 66 cm

weight 3,6 kg


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Shimpo Stool originálShimpo Stool originál
Shimpo STOOL

Shimpo Stool original
was specially constructed for potters and artists. Each leg is easily height adjustable. Therefore, it is possible to lean the seat even to sideways (seat lean). The ideal position can be easily adjusted for the best ergonomic body-control, so that the potter's back does not hurt! The position of each leg can be adjusted with spring-loaded push-buttons, no tools needed! Shimpo Stool original has a washable padded seat, therefore it is light and it can be easy cleaned. Attractively designed in white steel and blue seat combination. Rubber covers on each leg provide perfect stability for the stool. The potter's Shimpo stool construction provides maximum performance when used with the Shimpo wheel original product.

Detailed product picture:

detailní fotografie Shimpo Stool originál

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