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Ball mill PTA-01/02


ceramic materials blending

steel bars and plates

motor with breaker

current price on request

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Ball mill PTA-01/02

Ball mill PTA-01/02
Ball mills enable very precise milling even for relatively tough materials. The compact ball mill Shimpo is designed for milling grounded ceramic materials of a wet or dry consistency in porcelain jars. The PTA Shimpo mill is a compact construction, ideal for small-scale production. The main body of the ball mill is constructed from firm steel for long-lasting durability and quiet operation. The PTA-01 is accommodates one jar, the PTA-02, two. Powered by a 200 W motor, the ball mill accommodates porcelain Shimpo jars sized C13 (1 litre) to C17 (10 litres). Jar and milling objects are not included.

Note: This machine is not available at the moment. If you are interested, please contact us.

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