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motor 1500 W

single Auger

extruding capacity 140 kg/hour

mixing capacity 360 kg/hour

weight 170 kg

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PMX-060 completes the range of Shimpo products for ceramic materials processing. It is not a pug mill, but a complex machine for ceramic materials processing, designed for all levels of pottery production, such as mixing and milling. The PMX combines dry and wet mixing, re-processing, recycling and milling in one effective large-volume machine. Its robust construction assures long-term employment in established school workshops and for professional use. The machine has a firm aluminium body with an extraordinarily resistant construction that is corrosion-resistant and prevents from contamination of processed material.

The equipment has an effective motor 1,5 kW, 230V, 60Hz. The PMX blends and mixes with nominal capacity of 140 kg/hour and extrudes the material with the nominal capacity of 360 kg/hour.

Safety system consists of these parts:

    1) Easily accessible front control panel with a STOP safety button .
    2) Large hopper with safety closing system, ensuring and preventing access to the mixing chamber.
    3) Automatic interruption when the cover is opened.
Stainless pug body has a non corrosive surface that is resistant to wear, easily moving the material through the cylinder. The dismountable screw system is worth mentioning too, constructed for easy dismantling of the cylinder cover enabling complete access to the inside for cleaning.

The machine is equipped with large Ø 10 cm wheels which allow portability and easy transport. It is the most reasonably priced among the complex ceramic material processing machines.

Detailed product picture:

detailed picture of pug mill Shimpo PMX-060

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