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motor 200 W, 230 V

construction with two screws

extruding capacity up to 400 kg/hour

noise level 70 dB

weight 75 kg

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Shimpo NRA-04/04S Shimpo NRA-04/04S
Shimpo NRA-04/04S


Pug mill NRA-04 was created after re-designing model NRA 03. This new compact model uses the principle of special positioning of two screws and also the new screw construction which is patented by Shimpo company. The construction with two screws is usually used in large and more expensive industrial mills. The result is clay practically without air and without the use of vacuum. The hopper shape eliminates interception of the clay on the bottom. The body of the mill is made from aluminium alloy for heavy load (NRA-04/S has stainless steel body and nozzle). Newly, the mill uses effective gear drive (older models had belt drives). The advantage of this gear type is extraordinary quiet operation and minimal wear. Two stainless steel screws knead and extrude with the capacity up to 400kg/hour.

Easy cleaning requires to remove only four bolts to access the inside parts of the machine. Double safety system: large buttons Start and Stop with rubber watertight lids for quick reaction of an operator and safety switch which stops spinning of screws automatically after they are uncovered. Moreover the mill is equipped with the breaker in the event of overload for the protection of the motor. The mill excels with its compact design and little demand for work and stock space. The robust base made from steel pipes is worth mentioning too, one leg for surface offsetting is adjustable. The part of the consignment is a roller, rubber lids for the hopper and nozzle to prevent inside drying-up , cutting string assembled on the extruding nozzle and basic maintenance tools.

Note: NRA 04/S version is equipped with screw case and nozzle made from high-quality stainless steel instead of light aluminium alloy, no other difference.This make is recommended for frequent processing white and porcelain materials or abrasive chamotte materials.

SHIMPO NRA–04/04S advantages:
• compact design • excellent ratio price/operation • low weight (ca. 75 kg) • latest construction with two screws • stainless steel screws (corrosion and wear proof) • screw case and nozzle from high-quality stainless steel (only NRA-04S version) • low noise level • gear drive (without belt) • minimal maintenance • high extruding capacity (up to 400 kg/hour) • cutting string on the nozzle • one leg adjustable • safety switch – when the leverage is up the screws stop • leverage for easy material press in • processed material practically without air spaces • easy cleaning • part of the consignment rubber lids for the hopper and nozzle • buttons with waterproof lids • patented screw construction • safety breaker against overload • little requirement for workplace • consignment including roller • robust base • possible to use extruding dies (profiles) on the extruding nozzle (available accessories) •

Detailed product picture:

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